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Triple Crown for Heart Donor Pages

The Triple Crown for Heart is a charity bike event in Vancouver, BC encompassing three mountains: Seymour, Grouse, and Cypress. All proceeds of this event go to the BC Children’s Heart Centre.

This project is hosted on Github.

Triple crown for heart

I’ve been volunteering for this event for the past three years, working on the rider registration and donation site.

Check it out here:

Each year I’ve had less free time. It really made me think about how I could be more efficient when creating and maintaining the donation site.

Project Requirements

  1. Rider registration and payments
  2. Rider donation pages
  3. Emailing when someone has registered or donated

Triple crown for heart - rider page

How it works

One of the first decisions was to ditch the rider registration site for Wufoo forms. I chose to use Wufoo for its PayPal support and simple API. It also has a friendly user interface for when the organizers need to update the form or download the rider data.

Triple crown for heart - rider page

Pros and cons of this approach